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How It Works

  1. Give us a call and let us know what items you have for free pickup and where you are located. We cover all of Hamilton and can travel further for certain items. We do not have service to outlying areas of Hamilton including Burlington, Binbrook, Flamborough, Grimsby, etc. If unsure please give us a call.
  2. Arrange A Pick-up Time We'll let you know when we come by your area of the city and pick up your scrap metal items free.
  3. Place Your Items Outside: We're happy to pickup your scrap metal for free. All we ask is that the items are at the side of the house or business, in front of the garage door, or at the loading dock when we come out for a pickup.

    We will pick up appliances, electronics, furnaces, air conditioners, snowblowers, lawnmowers, renovation scrap, car parts, exercise equipment, copper, brass, aluminium, zinc, and much more!

  4. Say Goodbye To Your Scrap Metal & Appliances 🙂 Your metal will be gone for good and recycled for future use. Keep our info and let us know if you find yourself stuck with some scrap again.
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*Please make sure all scrap metal items for pickup are placed outside or in your garage. It's best to leave items at the side of your house or near the the front of your garage on your driveway so they are still there when we show up 🙂

Items We Commonly Pickup



Metal Bars

Building Material

Mechanical Parts



Copper/Brass/Aluminium/Zinc, etc.

Air Conditioners/Furnaces

Scrap Cars/Trucks/Equipment

And much more!

Anything We Can Fit in Our Truck & Trailer!

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Hamilton's Metal Collection Service.

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